Why CAMWorks CNC machining software?

CAMWorks is an intuitive, feature-based CAM software that helps to increase productivity using best-in-class technologies and adaptable automation tools to maximize CNC machining efficiency.

  • Uses feature-based machining, machinable part features are recognized automatically, virtually eliminating repetitive programming tasks
  • Captures and stores your best practices so that you are able to later utilize this as a knowledge-base for easier programming
  • Automatically detect dimensional tolerances on SOLIDWORKS part models and assign appropriate machining strategies to achieve the intended manufacturing accuracy.
  • CAMWorks tool paths are associative and update automatically to design changes

As the first CAM solution to offer true knowledge-based machining capabilities, CAMWorks leads the way in advancements in Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and Interactive Feature Recognition (IFR). CAMWorks offers true associative machining – automatically accommodating changes to the part model. This means that any modifications made to the design are automatically updated in the CAM data, which eliminates time consuming CAM system rework due to design alterations.


CAMWorks allows you to:

  • 2.5 axis milling
  • Advanced 3-axis milling
  • Multi-axis milling (4 and 5 axes)
  • 2 and 4-axis turning
  • Turning with milling
  • EDM wiring
  • Virtual machine
  • Nesting

Advantages of the CAMWorks

First and best integrated CAM software in SOLIDWORKS

We are SOLIDWORKS Gold-level solution partner in CAM since 1998. CAMWorks is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS.

Feature Based Machining and recognition

Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) automatically recognizes over 20 types of prismatic features on native SolidWorks part models, reducing programing time by as much as 90% compared to traditional CAM software.

Knowledge Based Machining

Allows you to capture and reuse your programmers’ best practices using the patented TechDB, reducing programming time by as much as 80% and provides a company owned database to store employee knowledge and skill.

Faster Cycle Times – CAMWorks® VoluMill

The ultra high-performance tool-path engine allows you to reduce your cycle time by 80% for complex 3D- shapes and prismatic parts.


CAMWORKS standard primež

CAMWorks Standard

CAMWorks Standard includes a full range of 2.5 axis milling with 4 and 5 axis indexing options, as well as turning and assembly machining.

Ikona CAMWORKS spletna

CAMWorks Milling Standard

Includes 3 Axis Milling, 4/5 Axis Indexing, 2.5 Axis VoluMill, Rotary Milling, Turning, Sub-spindle & CIMCO Editor/DNC

CAmwroks turn standard

CAMWorks Turning Standard

Includes 2.5 Axis Milling Premium, 4/5 Axis Indexing, 2.5 Axis VoluMill, Rotary Milling, Turning, Mill-turn, Sub-spindle & CIMCO Editor/DNC

Camworks premium (1)

CAMWorks Milling PRO

Powerful 3 axis toolpathing is introduced within CAMWorks Milling Pro. Mill-Turn machines can also be programmed within this package.

Ikona turning pro

CAMWorks Turning PRO

For advanced turning applications the CAMWorks Turning Pro package includes Mill-Turn and synchronous machining toolpath options.

CAmworks premi

CAMWorks Premium

In addition to the features of the CAMWorks Standard, CAMWorks Premium also offers 3, 4, and 5-axis simultaneous milling machines, 2.5-axis high-speed processing, record 4 and 5-axis programs in 3-axis program and the CAMWorks Virtual Machine.

Program interface

Matrix of CAMWorks packages








2.5 Axis Milling

2.5 Axis Volumill

3 Axis Milling – Level 1*

Cimco Editor/DNC

3 Axis Milling – Level 1+*

4/5 Axis Indexing



Rotary Milling

3 Axis Milling – Level 2*


3 Axis Milling – Level 3* with Undercutting

Synchronous Machining for Lathes

Virtual Machine Standard

4 Axis Milling (Add-On to Milling Pro only)

5 Axis Simultaneous

3 Axis Volumill

Virtual Machine Professional

Virtual Machine Premium

Wire EDM**


CAMWorks ShopFloor**


CAMWorks Utilities


CAMWorks Services Provided

IB-CADDY is 100% focused on your success with CAMWorks. We support all types of design, engineering and manufacturing teams throughout the Slovenia and we are committed to help you get the most out of your CAMWorks software products.


Industry-leading support services, offering exceptional live chat and phone support, comprehensive web-based resources, live remote-access functionality, advanced file-sharing, and even screencasting functionality.


Our CAMWorks courses are available in our state of the art training labs, online or onsite at your facility. We offer a comprehensive range of beginning, advanced and design specialty courses.


Receive free upgrades, technical support from IB-CADDY, and access to a wide variety of resources!

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